About Us

Mission: The Maintenance Cooperation Trust Fund (MCTF) is a California statewide watchdog organization working to abolish illegal and unfair business practices in the janitorial industry. We expose unlawful operations, encourage accountability, promote responsible business practices, and help level the playing field in the interest of clients, employers, workers and the general public.

Since its inception in 1999, the MCTF has assisted in the collection of more than $26 million in unpaid wages for more than 5,000 janitors by engaging in:

  • Impact Employment Law Investigation
  • Public Advocacy
  • Agency Reform
  • Legislative Reform
  • Education & Outreach

The MCTF’s Enforcement Partners:

  • CA Labor & Workforce Development Agency (DLSE, Cal/Osha, EDD)
  • CA Department of Insurance, Fraud Division
  • Local Prosecutors
  • U.S Department of Labor, W&H Division
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Private Bar

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